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What we need so you can receive any of our services

  • Have a primary care physician established. We can help you find a doctor and schedule an appointment if you do not have one. This will be the person signing orders for any needs that come up while using our services. 
  • Doctor’s order: This should include a diagnosis and the services needed
  • Patient health history: Most recent doctor visit, hospital stay, or a specialist operative report within 90 days of service start day.
  • If not, just schedule a face to face with a doctor within 30 days of your start of service date.
  • Insurance Verification: We take Medicare and Medicaid. Also we take most private insurances. Call and ask us to run a verification for coverage.

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If you think you or a loved one qualifies for our services, please fill out our online assessment so we can better understand your situation and get you the care that you need.