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At BRiO for Kids, we treat every child and their family as an extension of our own. We offer skilled nursing and therapy services to children of all ages in the comfortable setting of their home. Your child’s medical needs and safety is our highest priority. We aim to build close relationships and trust by bringing families peace of mind.

BRiO Hospice | for Kids

Childhood is precious, no matter how long it may be. Infants, children, and adolescents living with life-threatening illnesses are surrounded by expert medical care and nurturing support. Pediatric hospice care is family-centric rather than patient-centric. The hospice team works with the family and the child’s other physicians to achieve seamless physical, psychosocial, and spiritual care.

Speech Therapy addresses communication and swallowing disorders in patients. If a child has trouble comprehending or expressing spoken or written language, a speech-language pathologist can help. SLP’s also assist children with articulation, voice, and fluency disorders. Finally, if an individual has difficulty with any aspect of swallowing, an SLP can assist in the development or rehabilitation of the oral and pharyngeal stages of swallowing.

Physical therapy evaluates and addresses problems with motor skills. Children at all ages require varying movements and development to achieve the full mobility needed for walking, running, and climbing. Physical therapy works to achieve the most efficient movement and balance for the child’s body. Our therapists are specialized to treat all ages from infancy to adolescence in a variety of conditions including congenital, neurological, and developmental delays.


Occupational therapy addresses a child’s ability to function in the everyday tasks. For younger children, this may be learning to play with toys, drinking from a bottle, and rolling over. A pre-school child’s daily tasks are about learning to dress themselves, feed themselves, and play with other children. As children get older, occupational therapy ensures that they can function as independently as possible in all their self-care tasks, as well as during school.

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