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Our team at BRiO has compiled a list of home health and hospice FAQs to help you and your family navigate compassionate care decisions. This list of frequently asked questions will offer you, your family, and caregivers understanding and a resource to find the answers you seek.


Top 10 FAQs About Home Health

You need an order from a doctor specifying your home health needs. Also, a recent visit note within 90 days prior or 30 days after the day we admit to our services.

A patient who relies on the help of others, use of medical equipment, impaired cognition or if it requires taxing effort to leave their place of residence.

Unfortunately, most insurances will not cover duplicate services. However, if the outpatient services are something we can not provide in the home, for example, Cardiac or Pulmonary therapy; then we are able to provide our home health services along with these outpatient services.

This all depends on the patient’s needs. Not every person heals or makes improvements as quickly as others. The goal for our home health patients is to restore independence.

The admitting clinician will place a phone call before services start. You should expect the following on your first visit, consent for our services and an assessment to establish a plan of care.

If you are concerned about the time in which a clinician should be at your home please feel free to call our office. Clinicians are not required to give their personal number out. Most clinicians will call before your next visit to schedule a time and you may not have the same person each visit. We do try to be consistent with our clinicians to accommodate the needs of each patient.

Remember things happen to everyone that may cause a delay to your appointment time. Traveling, weather and other patient needs may take more time than other days. Please be understanding of other patients needs, emergencies or unforeseen circumstances. Clinicians or office staff may contact you if they are running more than 30 minutes late. Please do not hesitate to call the office to solve any concerns first

Medicare and Medicaid will cover Home Health services. If you are concerned about your coverage for other insurance’s please call our office and speak to our billing department. They can verify if your benefits will cover our services and how much is covered.

If you are having trouble breathing or any chest pain, please call 911. If these are not your symptoms, please call the BRiO number. Office hours are from 8-5pm. All phone calls outside our office hours will be answered by the nurse on call. They can advise you on what to do in this urgent situation and if it necessary for someone to come out at that time. Should you go to the hospital as the best course of action, our office team will follow up to check on your status and care.

Yes, there is always a nursing team available on the weekends. We will be there for urgent needs or required visits recommended by your plan of care.

Top 10 FAQs About Hospice

An evaluation is made by our Hospice team to determine if the patient is eligible for Hospice Care. If they qualify then an order will be sent by the most recent doctor or our Medical Director to get care started.

Some doctors will continue to follow patients on hospice care. If not, we have a Medical Director that will take over as the Hospice doctor and check ups will be done by him and his NP.

This is a common misconception. As long as there is a qualifying terminal diagnosis, and the patient is in a steady decline then Hospice care is warranted.

Medicare pays for most hospice related costs. This includes medications, DME equipment and all comfort care measures.

Hospice treatment is intended to provide comfort to the patient. Nursing will be sure to check in often to see the progression of the patient and make the necessary changes to medication, equipment, or anything else deemed necessary. Our Certified Nursing assistants oversee hygiene and presentation. This includes changing of briefs, showering, shaving, changing clothes, brushing teeth, combing hair and a few special touches to preserve dignity.

An evaluation will be made by a Hospice nurse, to see how frequent Nursing and an aide will come out for cares.

The facility still helps take care of the patient when we are not there. This Includes changing briefs, feeding, and administering medication. We still have nursing and a CNA go in for checkups and showers.

Our nursing staff work closely with our medical director to dose medication with a low risk of overdose. Nursing will work closely with family members on providing dosing instructions as well as side effects to watch for.

A small booklet is provided with what to expect. Our nurses and Hospice director are also available as a resource to you for any questions you may have. The expectation of great communication, patience, and education is what BRiO can provide.

Instead of 911, please call us first.

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