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Who We Are

BRiO Home Health and Hospice is a nationally recognized agency that proudly serves East Idaho with offices in Idaho Falls, Salmon, and Mackay. Providing quality home health and experienced hospice care to Idahoans of all ages.

BRiO’s reputation is built on providing the highest caliber of care from a diverse range of healthcare professionals. Both our pediatric and adult home health programs inspire and restore our patients’ independence. Our hospice programs are driven by knowledge, dignity, and empathy.

The word brio means vigor or vivacity of style or performance. BRiO employees exemplify the word through their dedication to serve and care for our patients.

BRiO is owned by Corey Boyd, a native Idahoan, who has 22 years of combined private practice and home health and hospice experience, giving him the background, knowledge, and credibility to match BRiO’s capabilities with patient needs.

What does brio mean?

brio –  / ˈbrēō /
Vigor or vivacity of style or performance.

Our Core Values






Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide highly skilled and compassionate care to our patients and their families. Empathy drives everything we do.

It is imperative, now more than ever, that we unite our community to serve a bigger purpose. BRiO loves to support local businesses, and give back to our community through sponsorships, event participation, and volunteer work. Kindness is free, knowledge is power, and making a difference is unforgettable. 

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